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Welcome to Warm Up

Our goal is to make exercise easy, accessible, and successful for you. Warm Up is intended to wake up the core, align the bones, tone the muscles, establish optimal breathing, settle the nervous system, and increase your motivation to move more. Warm Up is the work out video series that precedes all other programs. Preparing you for the day, helping you to unwind at night, and used as a movement break throughout your day, Warm Up can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Hawa Robin Cahn

Teacher & Healer



Heats up the body, and prepares you for what’s to come. A good Warm Up is the secret for injury prevention. Age gracefully by practicing Warm Up daily.


Exercise a daily habit. When exercise is a lifestyle, feeling good is guaranteed. Feeling good in your body is possible with Warm Up.


Love more deeply when exercise is consistent. Exercise is an act of love towards yourself. Ask your body, “How can I love you more deeply today?


People make a happier world. Take a deep breath in and out. Remember we are all breathing the same air, it connects us. Long slow deep breathing is the secret to impulse control so we can choose our words and actions mindfully. Warm Up teaches mindful movement.


For the Body, Heart & Soul

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What people say about learning with Hawa and practicing Warm Up

weight lifter pink and purple

Rebecca Sandalwood

S. Florida

I recently got back into lifting weights.  I lifted too much too soon and threw my back out.  Hawa invited me to her studio to heal my back.  After two weeks of gentle mat exercises I was back to lifting again pain free.

kick boxing testimonial

Frank Pepper

S. Florida

Hawa’s system works! Prior to enrolling in Hawa’s classes I was sidelined from weight training with nagging thigh pains that wouldn’t go away. I had pulled a hamstring muscles in a kickboxing class, because we did not warm up. I can now honestly say that the regiment she placed me on has substantially helped me to heal and get back to my physically active lifestyle! Thanks Hawa!

post partum testimonial

Elizabeth Dunn


I am so grateful for Hawa and her healing, soothing, and gentle methods to my post-partum recovery.  She was able to help me regain strength and function in my core and completely changed the way I approach my body when it comes to exercise.

nina love testimonial

Nina Love

So Cal

Hawa works at such a subtle level that you are not even aware of how deeply your body is letting go of its stresses and strains until you come to the completion of the session and realize that your entire being has been rebalanced.

Sunny Wonder testimonial

Sunny Wonder

S. Florida

I first met Hawa at a women’s healing circle and immediately felt compelled to take one of her Pilates classes. Her passion for health in all aspects, kind heart and upbeat personality made hard work fun! I was surprised with how in depth she went with each workout; explaining each muscle, tendon and bone. She even uses little skeleton models so you can visually see how your body is moving. I thought Pilates was a very good class for anybody and everybody. I then decided I had to take her dance class. It was high energy, fun and a GREAT work out! I’d recommend Hawa to anybody, she is a wealth of information in all kinds of mind-body subjects and nobody cares more about these connections and their health than she does!

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