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Body Warm Up


People who can benefit from Warm Up workouts for the Body are:

  • Everyone and Anyone

  • Mamas who are 6 weeks postpartum for postpartum core rehab

  • People who have endured an accident or injury and want to ease back into exercise

  • Women who are experiencing symptoms of prolapse, incontinence, and Diastasis Recti

  • People who have not exercised in many years and are wondering where to start

  • People who have tried other streaming workouts and find them to be too fast or too intense

  • People with back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain or joint pain

  • People with autoimmune diseases such as Fibromyalgia or Parkinson’s

  • People who want to heal their nervous system

  • People of all ages specifically 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and older

  • Dancers in search of a good Warm Up before class or rehearsal

  • Professional or non-professional athletes who need a good Warm Up before the game or on days off to flush out soreness

  • Survivors of Trauma



A loving blend of Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training, and Dance Conditioning, Warm Up workouts for the body are merciful movements for people who want to heal their body with movement.

Long slow deep breathing and gentle exercise are all within your power to improve your health. When practiced daily, you will get stronger, more flexible, and improve your posture.

As you get stronger Warm Up progresses from easeful mat exercises to standing strength training.


Warm Up can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Find a place a home to flip out your mat and press play.

Take a 5 minute Warm Up break at your office.

Practice Warm Up on your phone outside in your backyard or at the park.

Listen to the guided meditations in bed.

Warm Up can be practiced in a hospital bed similarly to how Joseph Pilates rehabbed his patients with exercise when he was a nurse.



Warm Up is meant to be practiced daily, before you workout, to take a break during the day, and to unwind at night.

A simple program to remember is

Warm Up – Workout – Cool Down

Warm Up before you walk, run, or do any kind of cardio.

Warm Up before you clean your house, garden, or do construction.

Warm Up before hitting the gym, taking a class or doing martial arts.

Warm Up before swimming

Warm Up to prepare you for lifting kids, groceries, or boxes.

Warm Up before moving furniture.

Warm Up to help you wake up.

Warm Up before you go to bed.

Warm Up before you play sports.

Warm Up before you hike.



The Warm Up is the most commonly skipped part of a workout, but when used wisely can prevent injuries. A good Warm Up is small, gentle movements that prepare you for what is to come.

Warm Up aligns the bones, heats up the muscles to support the skeleton, and activates your core.

If you experience pain during or after your workout, this is a sign your Warm Up needs tender loving care and improvement. A pinching feeling in your joints is your body telling you it needs a mindful Warm Up before the movement you are doing to prepare you.

If you are not currently exercising at all, Warm Up is the place to start.

The videos are short and sweet and can be put together for a full body workout. Follow the order of the exercises on the site, or pick and choose the ones you want to practice.

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Heart Warm Up

Guided Meditations are the easiest way to meditate. Press play and relax. Hawa will guide you to ground yourself, tone your nervous system, and center yourself in love.

A daily grounding meditation heals anxiety, depression, and puts you on the road to success. Let’s measure success in happiness, health, and contentment.

When you know love in your heart, you will find love in every corner of your life. Start with yourself, with your long slow deep breathing. Allow yourself to be guided to wellness.

Your heart is a holy temple, church, or mosque. When you visit this sacred space within, inner peace is cultivated.

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Soul Warm Up

Coming Soon! This is the latest addition to the Warm Up workout website.

Chanting is a fast and effective way to heal the nervous system.

Calling upon God by the Beautiful Names also known as the Qualities of God awakens the divine light within your own heart.

You are created in love, but must cultivate the Divine Presence in your heart daily.

Hearts that rest in God’s heart know peace. Peaceful people contribute to a peaceful society.

Cleaning your heart and soul daily with prayer and chanting open doors for you to travel spiritually. If you consider yourself to be a spiritual traveler or spiritual seeker you will find depth, meaning, and healing in Warm Up workouts for your Soul.

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